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Keeping Tabs: Bleina

I don't know about you all, but I really needed this beautiful piece of writing today from a nursing student that touched our hearts in Nampula, Mozambique. Thank you Bleina for your joy, kindness, leadership, and help. You will be an AMAZING nurse!

Dear Nurses En Route,

Hope you all are going great I'm sending my experience doing the helping babies survive course. Please see attached photo of mine. My name is Bleina, an aspiring nurse. 

First of all, let me start by saying that it was a great honor and pleasure meeting "Nurses En Route".

The course came at a time when I was starting my internship at the delivering room. I was a lay girl saving babies and, I was scared of babies because they are too soft and sensitive. They  need special  attention cause  a single mistake may cost their lives.  You were so kind and friendly. You showed us a lot of empathy,  passion and professionalism on what you do.

That helped me to overtakes the fear I had at the beginning and started to learn the procedures and technical skills.  I learned the importance of following  initial care soon after the baby is born. My group and I, we learned a lot from teacher Micah. She showed us best practices and what attitudes an engaged nurse should adopt. Her way of teaching keeps the students awoken from the beginning to the end of the class. When I was doing something good, she used to praise me with a friendly smile.  But, she was also ready to pull my ears with a smile in her face when I did something wrong. Strange! I have never seen anybody pulling someone's ears smiling.  The smile was not to promote mistakes but to show that when things are wrong, there's still room for corrections with a smile. I remember my first experience at the delivery room soon after the course. I was scared looking around. Suddenly,  a nurse screamed: A patient is going to give birth. I had to gain courage and prepare all required material to help the patient. During the delivery process, we where upset because when the little baby comes out, did not cry and his breath was too weak. Immediately, we stimulated, aspirated the secretions, helped the baby to breath with a Helping Babies Breathe AMBU bag. Fortunately the baby cried and started to breathe normally while finalizing all complementary care. I have no words to describe that moment. That was my very first victory and it was possible due to the preparation I had from you. Thus, let me Express my gratitude to all nurses from "Nurse En Route" for your commitment and professionalism. Everyday you are really helping saving lifes. Lastly, I would like to acknowledge Steph's leadership and encourage proceed with your hard mission with joy. In case you get tired, please rest and then continue but, never give up. Worm regards to you all. With love, Bleina. 

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