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Stephanie Krall, RN, MSN

Executive Director


Jonathan Greer, MMus

Administrative Assistant

Jonathan (he/his/him) has served in administrative roles for several choral non-profits in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He is currently pursuing a M.Div at Brite Seminary in Fort Worth, TX. Jonathan holds both a MM in Music History and BM in Church Music from Baylor University and though he is afraid of needles and blood, he loves the work NER is doing and supporting the nursing team. 



Joshua Cruz-Rodenbeck, RN, BSN

Founding Member

Joshua (he/his/him) has been a RN for nearly 14 years, with 12 years working as an NICU nurse in Fort Collins.  He is a NRP instructor as teaches professionals how to save babies in a hospital and field setting. Joshua has had the incredible opportunity to train new NICU nurses on his unit for several years. His training and teaching has been valuable in seeing his work from a different perspective, and has allows him to learn how to explain what he does as nurse in plain and simple terms for those who do not know the language of Medicalese.  When he is not at work, Joshua is a co-ring leader in the circus at his  house, guiding three clowns performing amazing feats of strength, agility and humorous acts.


Tanisha Flowers, RN


Melissa Reyes, RN, BSN, CPN

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