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Keeping Tabs: Alexandre

Our wonderful friend and interpreter in Nampula, Alexandre, shared his experience of working with us in his own words. We miss you!

To begin with, I would like to say that no words could ever describe the moments that I had with the Nurses En Route.

I met the ‘nurses and Josh’ (how they sometimes called themselves) by chance, at their leisure time. After a few minutes of chat, they invited me to join them on their work, as their interpreter, by then I didn’t know what was it about, but I accepted at the time. That was special for me because they had only known me for few minutes and they entrusted me with such an important job, I was both pleased and flattered.

The first day, when I got to ‘UniLurio’ (The university where they were teaching), they explained me everything about the programs ‘Helping babies breath’ and ‘Essential care for small babies’, I remember telling Kalie that I was not used to the medical terms they would probably use but she encouraged me saying that they would explain all the terms they would use, what made me confident and ready for work.

Working with the nurses, was not only another job for me, it was an experience that I will forever carry with me. I could notice the love and affection with which they taught the program, illustrating everything step by step. One of the days, Stephanie cried while teaching something about losing a patient, if I am not mistaken. That made me think ‘these people must have done this several times and she still cries when she talks about it;' for me that was a clear sign that they love their job.

I ended up becoming an expert in the matter ‘helping babies breathe’, and I am proud of that.

They treated me with all kindness, without exclusion or prejudice. They made me feel part of them, part of the Nurses En Route family and I will never forget that. I don’t regret having met them; I would do it again a thousand times.

Hey guys! I want you all to know that it was a great pleasure to work with you I think of you as my friends and that I enjoyed all the moments we spent together. By the way, Stephanie you promised to come back to Mozambique, I will be waiting for you all.

May god bless you all and give you strength to continue doing this marvelous work that will help save babies’ lives all over the world. Go Nurses En Route!

Best regards!

Alexandre Salimo

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